2020 was certainly… a year.

This was a year of unprecedented challenges for educators, families, and communities. It was a time that tested our systems and institutions, but also each of us, personally. Amidst these challenges, we saw teachers do what they always do — continue to fight for what’s best for all kids.

It’s in this spirit of the work and the continued march toward justice that we want to pause for a moment to look back on this year as a #DisruptTexts team. As we put this together, we realized how much we had accomplished, individually, but most of all, collectively. Whatever our accomplishments, however, we also know that antiracism is multi-generational work; we do our best to make things better for those who will pick up the fight after us.

As we say goodbye to 2020, we know much awaits us in 2021 — we continue to be grateful to our #DisruptTexts community for your support, courage, and dedication to kids.

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