#DISRUPTTEXTS (1)Where and when does the #DisruptTexts slow chat take place?

The #DisruptTexts slow chat takes place each week on Twitter. On Monday morning (8AM EST), look for the #DisruptTexts hashtag to follow and participate in the discussion. (Type #DistruptTexts into the search bar in Twitter, then be sure to filter by “Latest” to see most recent posts.)

What is a slow chat?

Most eduTwitter chats are scheduled for specific dates and times, and then the chat takes place live. In live chats, a facilitator posts a question to the group using the hashtag at regular intervals (in an hour chat, usually every 5-10 minutes or so). Most live chats take about one hour.

On the other hand, a slow chat takes place over the course of several days. The #DisruptTexts chat will take place over the course of the week. All the chat questions will be posted at once, and participants are invited to respond to the questions and to each other at their leisure during the week. We’re teachers; we know how busy life can be! Our hope is that a slow chat can not only be more convenient and flexible, but also facilitate deep, reflective conversations over the course of several days.

How do I participate?

Check out the questions posted on Monday and go ahead and answer as many as you’d like immediately or take your time to respond throughout the week. Like other Twitter chats, we’ll use a Q1 / A1 labeling protocol to keep things organized. Be sure to use add the #DisruptTexts hashtag to your Tweets so your responses can be easily found by others.

Because this is a slow chat, don’t worry if you can’t participate until later in the week (or, really any time!). Jump into the conversation whenever you can. Likewise, feel free to answer the questions and respond to others in any order.

How do I find out which central text is being discussed?

We’ll announce the text for the following by Thursday or Friday of the previous week. Check here or search on Twitter using the #DisruptTexts hashtag.

How are the texts selected?

Over 75 teachers participated in our initial interest survey when we launched the #DisruptTexts chat idea on Twitter. We received dozens of suggested titles for us to discuss and disrupt! We’ll draw from this extensive list each week, starting with those that received the most interest.

If you did not have a chance to participate in our interest survey, it’s not too late to have your voice heard. Click here to participate.

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